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Senin, 01 Januari 2018

Denpasar Fesival 2018

  • Januari 01, 2018
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Location : Lapangan Puputan

Denpasar festival is a kind of yearly event in Denpasar.
It held in the beginning of the year. In this event, all the culture from each region in Denpasar do cultural parade.
The event held at Puputan Park, 0km of Denpasar city.

In my place, the parade is Omed-Omedan. That is a event where the girls and and boys kissing each other randomly.

Beside cultural parade, Denpasar Festival also do art exhibition, such as short movie, traditional painting, traditional product, and many more.

and the most important that i like is, this event also has a lot of food stand.

A woman who interested with nature, handy carft and recycle stuff.

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