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Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Senior High School Graduation

  • Mei 05, 2017
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Graduate from the lovely school is one of the unforgettable memory. SMA Negeri 5 Denpasar was my lovely school. I got a lot of experiences there. Memories about friends, teacher, all the facilities, and ghosts!

I was not clever student, i was such a naughy and rude student. I never brought back all my books, i put that under my table. I cut my skirt to make it little bit shorter, and 80 is my higest score for every subject. 

Study among genius students in my class make me feel stupid. That was difficult for me to focus with the subject that my teacher presenting. While i was school i also did my job as a freelance graphic designer and scrapbooker. 

I had rude teacher, who always quip me as a students who have no future because i selling my artwork while i was studying.  But is okay. To show the bright future is not instant. I will do my best to show them if i can have good future.

Graduated from that school, is the beginning for the next step to get my bright future.

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